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Is it safe to photograph a newborn baby

Newborn photos when done safely can be the most precious images of all time. But did you know that newborn photography is not a regulated industry and unfortunately under some circumstances, parents can put their baby at risk when attempting to get posed shots from a none trained newborn photographer.  The idea of handing your new baby over to someone who isn’t safety trained may be extremely daunting, so always do your research and check.

Here at Nadia Greaves Photography, I am a safety trained newborn specialist who is fully trained and insured. Every newborn babies safety is at the forefront of my mind when planning their newborn photoshoot. Below are the key components which need to be taken into consideration in the preparation of every newborn photoshoot.

Baby’s Comfort

Your babies comfort is paramount to their newborn photoshoot going smoothly. Patience is the key as all newborn babies settle if their needs have been met. Make sure that your newborn photographer offers you a longer photoshoot to ensure that your babies needs can be met during the photoshoot and you are not being rushed between poses.

I only book one session a day and this is to make sure there is plenty of time to follow my clients babies cues. Newborn photoshoots are scheduled for up to 3 hours and this is because the baby will certainly need feeding, changing and settling during their photoshoot.

Often if parents are happy I work on settling their baby once they’ve been fed which gives Mum and Dad a much needed chance to rest.

Newborn Photoshoot
Newborn Photoshoot


Keeping the studio and all its props clean is extremely important in helping keep your newborn baby safe during their photoshoot. Check out your newborn photographers reviews and read their blogs to see if keeping props and the studio clean is something that they do.

As mentioned previously, I only book one newborn photoshoot per day and the studio is thoroughly cleaned between shoots. All wraps and throws are also washed between photoshoots. I have sanitiser available to clients within the studio and hand washing facilities in the bathroom next door.


Keeping your baby warm but being careful on to overheating them plays a large part in ensuring they have a lovely sleep during their photoshoot. Again you should be able to look at your photographers google reviews and know whether this is something which they take into consideration.

I heat the studio prior to my clients arrival to make sure that during the photoshoot, their newborn baby is snug. During the shoot I then adjust the temperature depending on the baby and whether they are wrapped, in their parents arms or naked.


Look through your newborn photographers portfolio and be aware of what their style of newborn photography is. If they are posing newborns, make sure they are doing it safetly. For example, if they are doing a pose known as froggy pose, make sure that you read how they actually achieve this shot.  Babies should never be let go of in what is known as froggy pose, instead the final image is achieved by composing two images together. Check their blogs for an explanation of how they achieve this shot.

My style of photography is very natural and I don’t place newborn babies into unnatural or uncomfortable poses. I use little posing pillows called bean posers underneath any throw or blanket to help ensure your little one is thoroughly supported. I  am always right next to the baby once they’ve been positioned on a poser or in a prop to ensure both their safety and comfort.

Newborn Photoshoot

Safety with Siblings

Speak to your newborn photographer to enquire about how they get shots with toddlers. Every photographer is different and you need to be sure that your newborns security is at the forefront of their mind.

When it comes to photographing newborns, one of my absolute favourite shots to capture are the sibling shots. When doing those siblings pictures, I always have baby’s security in mind. If the older sibling is under the age of 4, I always position the newborn baby on a large bed. Having Mum or Dad standing right next to their children at every moment, just out of the frame of the camera, carefully watching the baby’s position and safety. As the baby is asleep and safely lying on the bed, the key is to let the siblings find their place around him/her. I have a range of natural and playful positions for them to get close to their new baby and they don’t all involve posing for the camera. Often the best shots with toddlers are them kissing their new baby.

Read more about getting the best sibling and newborn shots here.

I hope this blog has not only helped you understand the risks with newborn photography but also has helped you understand how to find the right newborn photographer, that will keep your baby safe.

If you’re thinking about booking a newborn photoshoot with me and would like some more information, please get in touch. It’s ideal to book your newborn session whilst you’re still pregnant to allow me to accommodate your due date in my diary. However if you’ve already had your baby, do get in touch as I may have some last minute availability. If you would like any information on pricing please click here.